Best Photo Editing Softwares Online

If you do not intend to do advanced retouching, these types of programs will solve most of your photo editing needs in the simplest way.  They are online services, that is, as easy as uploading a photo, editing and downloading it. As simple as that. Are you interested In this article we talk extensively about programs to edit photos online. These are some […]

Google Stadia Different Gameplay Experience 2020

In short, cloud-based gaming service as defined by Google Stadia for pc, device or operating system without notice wants to offer a different gameplay experience. In fact, this service can be accessed from the Chrome web browser, smartphones, tablets or televisions with Chrome Cast support. Even games can be played with any controller, keyboard or mouse without the need for a special Stadia controller. One of the […]

Hidden VLC media player Tricks for Windows, Android, etc

The VLC Media Player is a comprehensive media player with support for a variety of video formats, music, podcasts, and even streaming, and available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iPhone ( iOS ). Although the program is popular, many of its users may not know more advanced features in using the software. Mslsoft has shown some of them before, such as converting videos or manipulating subtitles. Check […]