what is Service host: Superfetch

SuperFetch is a kind of service that is an application for preloading different types of programs. In other words, analyze your system for actively used utilities, after launch, add them to your computer’s memory. This is done to maximize the loading speed of applications for subsequent work with them. All SuperFetch jobs happen outside of user visibility. Remembering […]

Google launched the Stadia streaming service – Modern games

What Google promised On November 19, Google launched one of its most ambitious and important products – the Stadia streaming service, first presented at a gaming conference in March 2019. The service allows you to run games with high system requirements from the “cloud” on phones, tablets, computers and televisions. All calculations are performed on Google servers, only the […]

The Insider’s Guide to Winrars | How to work with WinRAR

The program for archiving files and changing their size WinRAR differs among others in that it supports a large number of compression formats and has a convenient interface. Also, among the important functions of the archiver, it is necessary to highlight the ability to protect confidential data with a password and not worry about the […]

How to put a degree in Word

Performing printed mathematical work in a software package from Microsoft, you may wonder how to put a degree in Word. In today’s issue we will discuss this topic. In fact, even a novice can do this, so read the article and learn Word. Who often works with a text editor from Microsoft, you can read […]

All-in-one converter for converting video all formats

Winavi One of the best video converters, which differs from the rest, first of all, its speed. It is one of the fastest for converting video formats: avi, mpeg1 / 2, mp4, wmv, flv, mov, vcd / dvd, xvid / divx, 3gp, including the same for audio: mp3, wma, wav, etc. The developers claim even […]

Online Photo editor effects 2020

Readjust the size of the photos, change their level of quality, rename them, sign them … There are times that we want to perform the same operation with hundreds of photos. And doing it one by one would be a real nightmare, right? There are programs that allow us to perform all the photos you want at […]

Super Tools for an SEO Specialist 2020

1 . Google webmaster tools – The irreplaceable assistant of each optimizer. In Google Webmaster Tools, you have tricks for successful website promotion: acceleration of indexing of a new site or site pages; Checking the site for potential problems discovered by Google; Analysis of search traffic data to understand how users find your site recommendations for website optimization; […]

Best Photo Editing Softwares Online

If you do not intend to do advanced retouching, these types of programs will solve most of your photo editing needs in the simplest way.  They are online services, that is, as easy as uploading a photo, editing and downloading it. As simple as that. Are you interested In this article we talk extensively about programs to edit photos online. These are some […]

Hidden VLC media player Tricks for Windows, Android, etc

The VLC Media Player is a comprehensive media player with support for a variety of video formats, music, podcasts, and even streaming, and available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iPhone ( iOS ). Although the program is popular, many of its users may not know more advanced features in using the software. Mslsoft has shown some of them before, such as converting videos or manipulating subtitles. Check […]