Best Photo editing free Softwares online

Flickr -Having the advantage to use free online. Best software to edit your photos and pics to get extra attention. The best Only one Flickr account is needed. Link the images to your account. You can embed your presentation wherever you want. Worst It only works with Flickr. Very basic interface If you delete an […]

Music means of expressing the beauty of the outside world

Music is therefore an art subject to the laws of movement and order, and by these laws it is linked to nature. Who does not immediately see that it is linked to it by infinitely less close ties than the other arts and that it is, of all, the one who draws from the least the least part of […]

Linux Features, Modify everything of the windows

Customization : Linux can be changed at will. You can absolutely modify everything, from the way the system starts up to the appearance of the windows, the way the mouse behaves or the operation of the program that manages the internet connection. You can also replace parts of the system. Windows is not very editable. Apart from the appearance of […]

Microsoft Office Stable version 2020

By releasing a new version of the office, Microsoft unexpectedly got me in the spotlight. It seems not such a big deal. However, all the media wrote about the update. And I was really happy, deciding that there are many, tasty and interesting. However, the event, as it turned out upon closer examination, is not so significant, because, for […]

Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2019 New Updates

The main difference is that you buy a separate Office only once and you can use it as much as you like. And this is the only plus. Now the cons. Firstly, in a separate Office, there are only 4 applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. By the way, the latter is already fully free and comes with […]